Sunshine State Law Group

s the trade name for the Tampa-based foreclosure practice for attorney Rory K Rohan. This office is intended to serve the needs of foreclosure victims statewide and focuses upon those now facing foreclosure due not only to personal economic issues but due to the improper conduct of servicer's throughout Florida, who continually and systematically ignore the rule of law. Our goal is to defend our clients against Servicers who file fraudulent, backdated and or fabricated assignments, who file unverified or Robo signed affidavits, who offer improper undated and unauthenticated endorsements and who cannot legally make the case for a valid foreclosure.

Our team examines every single issue involving a foreclosure matter including but not limited to service of process issues, verification issues, whether or not the complaint is properly pled, whether or not the note is attached to the complaint and or the documents attached to the complaint conflict with the allegations of the complaint, verified and re-verified affidavits of indebtedness as well as all guarantees, protections and conditions precedent under the mortgage and the note and mortgage.

While we are prevented from making any guarantees whatsoever and while we make no guarantees the entire team at SUNSHINE STATE LAW GROUP is dedicated to providing the highest quality foreclosure defense legal services at the lowest possible cost to the client. We strive to operate with client satisfaction and positive substantial results as our chief goal.

SUNSHINE STATE LAW GROUP is operated by legal professionals with a wealth of expert experience in many areas. SUNSHINE STATE LAW GROUP continues to strive to be in the forefront of the debate of many topical legal issues and problems with which many of us must confront.

Attorney Profile: Rory K. Rohan:

Rory Rohan has been an attorney, developer, real estate consultant, property manager as well as a building contractor for over 32 years. With experience in all aspects of real estate law Mr. Rohan brings a unique perspective to foreclosure defense. While drawing from his experience and his extensive contacts and network throughout the industry, Mr. Rohan has crafted a valuable collection of information, pleadings, discovery materials and forms as well as providing a simple and succinct explanation of the mortgage foreclosure problems facing so many homeowners on a daily basis. Mr. Rohan is committed to lowering the costs of legal services and increasing access to such services to the general public. Mr. Rohan received his Bachelor of Science from the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida and further received his Juris Doctorate from The University of San Diego. Mr. Rohan has extensive experience in all phases of real estate, especially foreclosure. Mr. Rohan is the President and/or Chairman of the Board of a number of additional private entities and companies with broad based business purposes. Mr. Rohan has practiced his craft for over thirty two years.